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Chris and Kim R, parents of Kyle

Chris and Kim R, parents of Kyle
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TJ and Hanna, parents of Sadie Mae

TJ and Hanna, parents of Sadie Mae
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After talking with PCC, I felt educated. I felt more confident in my visits to the doctor. They helped me develop a birth plan that was fitting to my needs and wants for my child. I truly don’t know what I would have done without their assistance and guidance. They gave me hope. And thanks to the loving kindness and compassion of PCC, giving birth to my first-born son was the most amazing experience of my life even though he sadly never took his first breath. PCC was extraordinary. What a blessing it would be if more could be touched by the guidance and support that they offer! This is my simple wish. And this simple wish could completely change and enhance the lives of so many suffering families.
~April B., Mom to Charles Patrick

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Because of everything Perinatal ComfortCare brought into our lives we enjoyed Finn every minute before and through his birth. This program was truly instrumental in our well being today. Without it I believe we would still be filled with regret, doubt, hopelessness and probably not have made peace with it. We feel it is imperative that a program like this reach every family going through a perinatal lethal diagnosis. My heart breaks when I think of couples going through this alone.
~Katie and Tom, Mom and Dad of Finn



Perinatal ComfortCare recommended so many helpful goals for my family and I to accomplish and resources to use during the time I was carrying my son. I would never have named my son, written a birth plan, taken pictures, baptized him, made a scrapbook, talked about him to anyone, or attended a grief support group afterwards. Today, I can look back and feel a sense of accomplishment. My family and I did a lifetime of activities with Daniel in a few short months. We feel we did all we could do for our son and feel at peace with all of the hard decisions we made. My family and I are so glad I made that first phone call which opened up a door to a place of compassion and understanding. We now know we are not alone and are very thankful we were given the opportunity to be parents to a wonderful little boy. I do most certainly recommend this program for other families.
~Stacy G., Mom of Daniel

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