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A routine prenatal visit has turned into anything but routine. "Incompatible with life." "No hope for survival." "How could this have happened?"

If you are here, your heart is heavy. Hearing the unexpected news that your baby has a serious life-limiting medical condition is devastating. Right now, you feel like you are in a whirlwind of uncertainty and despair, but that is exactly why we are here. We offer you help, hope and direction.
If you received a diagnosis today and are here because you are uncertain about continuing your pregnancy, our advice is simple. Stop, take a deep breath and give yourself time to digest the news and consider all of your options. Time is on your side and how you feel today is not how you will feel tomorrow or next week.
The decision to carry a baby with a lethal diagnosis is not an easy decision for any parent, but those who have done so have found great peace and comfort in knowing they did everything possible to give their baby the very best possible chance at life.
The story of your baby's lifetime has already begun, only now there is a deeper and even more significant meaning. Though the emotional pain cannot be underestimated, this journey of love and loss will change your heart and life forever.
Stay and visit a while. Read some of the stories and watch some of the videos from parents just like you. Then call us and let us know how we can help. You don't even need a doctor's referral—just call.

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